8 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

olive oil benefits

Olive is a small tree species that belongs to the Oleceae family. The oil is obtained from this tree. Just like the other cooking oil types include lard, coconut oil and palm oil, olive oil has high fat level. One tablespoon of it contains about 14 grams of fat. Since many centuries ago, Mediterranean people have recognized the health benefits of olive oil. This was first mentioned by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. Ancient civilization makes use of olive oil for wounds healing. These days, it is an effective moisturizer and as a great remedy for problems of skin. Here will be discussed eight benefits of olive oil.

#1. Cancer Prevention

Olive oil have high rate of antioxidants, the substances that combat the cancer. A fatty acid, monounsaturated fat, is also what is contained in olive oil. It is said that it helps suppressed a gene that is responsible for more than 25% of breast cancer.

#2. Protection from Heart Diseases

The monounsaturated fatty acid on olive oil helps protecting you against heart disease. It lowers bad or LDL cholesterol level, and raises the good or HDL cholesterol levels. Moreover, by reducing the oxygen-related damage along the walls of artery, the polyphenols in olive oil helps you provide protection against heart disease.

#3. Digestion Aids

Olive oil also promotes the overall nutrients absorption, while the system of digestion is helped to function more efficiently. Thanks to its high content of oleic acid, olive oil is very well tolerated by the stomach.

#4. Treating Upset Stomach and Heartburns

Treating heartburn and upset stomach is another benefit of olive oil. Since the ancient times, it has been helping people treating flatulence, heartburn and upset stomach. In an empty stomach in the morning, taking olive oil on one tablespoon will help relieve heartburn and flatulence and calm an upset stomach.

#5. Reducing Risk of Diabetes

Reducing diabetes risk, particularly of type 2, is one of the benefits of olive oil.

#6. Supplement of Anti Ageing

As olive oil contains high amount of antioxidants, which includes vitamin E, it can be a good supplement for anti ageing. It can helps protect you against age-accelerating free radicals.

#7. Alternative to Skin Moisturizer

For centuries, olive oil has been used as a natural moisturizer in the culture of Mediterranean. It works well because of the hydrophilic properties that allow it to create a barrier that protects and trap the moisture to your skin.

#8. Hair Care

Another benefit is that olive oil can be a material for your hair care. It can help you from the problems like hair loss, dry, itchy scalp, and hair loss. Into the hair and scalp, you just need to message a few tablespoons of it and use it regularly for the result to be seen.

Thus, it is clear now that olive oil can be very beneficial to you, even more that it can helps your skin to age more slowly, which is a thing that everyone has in mind.

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